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Moving from Montreal to Toronto &
Moving from Toronto to Montreal
over 20 years experience!


Moving Montreal Toronto & Toronto Montreal Movers


Long Distance Movers from Montreal to Toronto at Best Rates. We will undertake your Montreal-Toronto moving project by guaranteeing professional movers and affordable packages. Our commitment is to provide the best long distance relocation solutions from /to Montreal to / from Toronto. Being the most populous cities in Canada, Toronto and Montreal are attracting many people who want to get settled in its metropolitan area. It is a place of potentials, possibilities and opportunities.


How can I move from Montreal to Toronto?


You should consider VASY MOVERS for your relocation. Going with our Toronto to Montreal moving service means you have a determined team of movers, people, and resources set on making your move a success! We also have the support and resources to make sure your experience is stress-free and executed properly.

If you need packing services, storage or any other ancillary moving service, let us know. We also move from Montreal to Toronto and Toronto to Montreal regularly, so we always have trucks and movers on the road along this route.


Planning Moving Montreal to Toronto &
Moving Toronto to Montreal


Apart from cases of urgent long distance moves from Montreal to Toronto, we are always meticulously planning relocations to distant cities. Since our company offers fixed prices for this type of moving service, each time we send to our customers one of our representatives to make an accurate estimate and to find out all the nuances, which might occur during the move.

Normally, while dealing with a previously planned move, our movers will load the stuff in Montreal one day before departure to Toronto, so that the next day between 9.00 AM and 12.00 PM our truck will be in your yard to start unloading. At the same time, we are recognized for flexibility and we will comply with your timing requirements.

For moving Toronto to Montreal we are able to load the truck with your belongings and get it to Montreal on the same day. (or next day, upon your needs)


Residential Movers from Montreal to Toronto &
Movers from Toronto to Montreal


For a door-to-door residential move from Montreal to Toronto, we provide the following related services:

  • A free estimate for long distance moving Montreal-Toronto & Moving Toronto to Montreal

  • Full packing of your belongings

  • Disassembly and reassembly of furniture

  • Safe transportation on equipped, clean and well-maintained trucks

  • Piano moving service from Montreal to Toronto & Toronto to Montreal

  • Transportation, installation and full range pool table moving Montreal to Toronto

  • Short and medium term warehousing before moving Toronto to Montreal or moving from Montreal to Toronto


Is it worth to move from Montreal to Toronto?


Is It Worth Moving to Toronto From Montreal? Whether it's worth moving to Toronto from Montreal depends on individual preferences and circumstances. Toronto offers a vibrant cultural scene, diverse job opportunities, and a bustling urban lifestyle. However, it also has a higher cost of living compared to Montreal.


Is it cheaper to live in Montreal or Toronto?


Montreal shows that it's more affordable to call Montreal home than Toronto. In fact, according to Numbeo, you'd need to earn around $7,033 per month in Toronto to afford the same standard of living that would cost you just $5,800 in Montreal — that's a difference of $1,233 per month.


How much does it cost to hire movers from Montreal to Toronto?


 Small apartment or big house moving from Montreal to Toronto or moving from Toronto to Montreal and related costs:

The price for a commercial relocation or for a residential moving Montreal-Toronto is never the same. Besides the distance between the two addresses, it is also conditioned by the stuff to be moved. We count the time dedicated to loading and unloading the truck as well as the time dedicated to packaging and assembly. Apparently, a large amount of furniture, appliances, boxes and small items will affect the total price as far as we will have to involve more resources. So the more stuff you have – the higher the moving budget is.

The moving costs from Montreal, QC to Toronto, ON averages from $850 to $3,450 depending on how much you're moving, how big is your home, your approximate move date, and whether you do the packing yourself or the movers do that for you.

However, to offer you a fixed and affordable price for moving Montreal-Toronto, please request an online quote or call us at 888-808-8279 to speak with an agent


Some facts about Montreal, Canada

  • Population: 1,649,519

  • Montreal is an island

  • After Paris, Montreal is the second-largest French-speaking city in the world

  • In Montreal’s Queen Elizabeth Hotel, John Lennon and Yoko Ono recorded “Give Peace a Chance” in 1969

  • 85% of the world’s maple syrup comes from Quebec

  • The first Canadian Olympics were held in Montreal in 1976

  • Montreal’s sister city is Hiroshima, Japan

For more information about our Toronto to Montreal/ Montreal to Toronto moving service, contact us 888-808-8279 today to speak to a moving coordinator.


Toronto to Montreal Movers


Choosing from the variety of moving companies from Toronto to Montreal can be daunting when you’re moving to a new city. You’re in luck because VASY MOVERS can pick up your furniture and boxes moving to Montreal and coordinate a move to anywhere across the country. We plan out a clear plan and even store your belongings if you’re not ready to move it all now.


Toronto to Montreal moving companies are skilled at relocations between provinces. Our experienced team members specialize as long-distance movers Toronto to Montreal transferring items so everything arrives safe and sound. We offer a packing, piano moving, and storage to make your move carefree.

Our fleet of well-maintained, well-equipped 17/20/22/26/32-foot trucks and fit either 5 bedrooms or 192 square feet of space. Our trucks come with boxes, shrink wrap, blankets, furniture pads, packing tape, hand trucks, wheel dollies, assembly tools, and tie-downs to assist with the move.


Toronto to Montreal Movers and the Benefits


Generally,  moving Toronto to Montreal requires the help of straightforward, experienced and reliable personnel from the best moving companies. The professional VASY movers Toronto to Montreal are well trained to undertake different activities during the moving process that can keep you satisfied. From testimonials, you can deduce that the employees of Toronto to Montreal moving company are courteous, listening, time conscious and easy to deal with. Hence, contact them and be sure that your moving will be made easy, speedy and satisfactory.




Affordable Pricing
Packages available to meet your needs and budget. Upfront pricing with no hidden fees. No work starts until you agree to the terms.

Selection of Services
Many options available to meet your unique moving needs such as packing, storing, piano moving, office moving, and more.

Competent Staff
Our team is professional, friendly, and experienced to handle every situation. They’ll listen to your needs and create the best plan.

Long-Distance Moves
We know how to coordinate moves across the province or country using one or multiple trucks. No transfers to keep all items secure.

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